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Established in 2018, this Australian online casino is one of the newest faces to the digital gambling world. They have plenty of competition with more experience and more followers, but how do their services match up when compared to these giants? We created this review of True Blue Casino to see if what they had to offer was worthy of people checking out this newcomer. We took into consideration some of the most important factors for running an online casino.

What does their library of games look like, what signup bonus or first deposit bonus do they offer, how is their loyalty program? Each of these questions should be something we ask whenever looking at a new possible digital casino to try our luck in. This review of True Blue Casino's features and promotions should help you decide whether or not this is the new casino for you. Do they have what it takes to make a name for themselves in a packed industry?

True Blue Casino's Game Library Review

While not one of the most expansive libraries we've encountered, they do have some high quality games to keep you playing. Many digital casinos, as we've noticed, like to flaunt quantity over quality and will pack their collection with tons of re-skins of classic casino games. True Blue Casino prefers to create unique and fun games that run with high levels of performance and can be played again and again without becoming too repetitive.

A quick review of True Blue Casino's library will show you that they have all of the classics as well as some of their own creation. After playing their games for a while, we found that there was very little that made us turn away. Once we started a game, we were playing for quite a while. The new player bonus helped keep us playing, even when we were in a rut of bad luck. Even the re-skins of classics that they do offer provided an interesting twist on them.

As with most online casinos, you have the option to begin instant play directly on the website, or you can download the software and play on your computer. The download option isn't available for mobile users, but it provides an even higher quality per game. Our review of True Blue Casino's game collection was intended to focus on the expanse of their library, but we were so impressed by their RTG software that we turned to the fantastic quality of each game.


Signup Bonus 200% $9999 Non Exclusive 0 Claim Bonus

True Blue Casino Review and Bonuses

Our Review of True Blue Casino's Signup Bonus and Promotions

When searching through their signup bonus and promotional campaigns, it's important to remember that True Blue Casino is young and just starting out. Their signup bonus offers are constantly changing and being improved upon. That being said, their current signup bonus is quite generous for a young digital casino like them. True Blue Casino's signup bonus review leans towards a positive one as they seem to be above average in what they offer.

The starting signup bonus which they offer you can be received with your first deposit. They will match your first deposit 100% up to $2,000 with a play through of 30x. For such a young online casino, this signup bonus is impressive. This is on par with the signup bonus offered by a veteran casino that's been around for a decade. Even if this isn't as good as what others are offering, you can bank on them offering an improved signup bonus later as they're constantly improving and redoing their signup bonus offers.

One issue we did encounter with our review of True Blue Casino was their lack of any live games or promotional codes that would later benefit the players. The games they have on tap are fun and high quality, and their signup bonus is decently high for a young company, but there are still plenty of places where they can improve in what they offer.

A Dependable Security Program

We never encountered any issue with this during our True Blue Casino review, but many who have used this casino claim they had issues withdrawing money from their account. Some claim to have lost money when the company closed their account due to inactivity despite playing every day. We were able to easily withdraw our funds and deposit new ones, but this might be something you should keep an eye on when using their services.

When it comes to protecting your money, True Blue Casino's review is a positive one. They have the proper methods of protection in place that will keep your money and your identity secure. Any mobile application that handles your money is subject to outsider attacks and needs to have a strong security program in place. True Blue uses a similar security system as other online casinos and will protect your money and identity from hacking attempts. Sign Up at True Blue

Promoting Loyalty with VIP Tiers

The signup bonus isn't the only promotion you can receive when using True Blue Casino. They like to reward their loyal users who play a lot with them and have a tiered VIP system that enables you to earn more bonuses the more you play. Once you hit a certain number of deposits and earnings, you are entered into the first tier of VIP where you begin to receive benefits such as free spins and matched deposits.

Later tiers only build upon what you receive with the percentage matched per deposit rising as well as the number of spins you receive. True Blue Casino wants you to stick around and is willing to support you if you do. Their VIP system echoes that of many other online casinos, we noticed, but the free spins are something fun that they've tossed in. It's important for a casino to give you a reason to stay and True Blue has plenty.

Pros and Cons

We were most impressed by True Blue Casino's signup bonus as they are a younger company who is constantly looking for new ways to bring new users on. This and their VIP tiers show that they want to keep people around and will offer new promotions to grow their audience. It's always beneficial to be part of a growing company as they still need to prove themselves and will do so through promotional campaigns and player benefits.

Though their games were fun and unique, we would have liked to see more live options to keep the intensity of the game high. Issues with withdrawing worried us, though we never encountered them. Also, True Blue restricts access to the United States so if you're located there, you won't be able to play using their services.


  • Ever-changing signup bonus
  • RTG software provides high quality games
  • Thorough VIP tiers


  • Withdrawals sometimes don't work
  • No live casino games
  • Restricts access to certain regions

Our True Blue Casino Review - Final Thoughts

True Blue Casino is a rising star, but not quite shining at its brightest yet. There are other, more experienced services that don't have withdrawal issues and have better VIP tiers than True Blue Casino. We will say that their games are some of the best quality we've encountered and that, for a single player experience, True Blue is a fantastic option. If you're in the region and want to give them a shot, their signup bonus is well worth the deposit.

True Blue Casino has some issues to work out, but they'll be top of the industry in no time. Keep an eye on them and join when the time is right!


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